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Andrew McLennan is an Australian Agronomist who has over 28 years experience in agriculture. In the early days of his career he managed various commercial farms, witnessing firsthand the effect of chemical  ag, forcing him to reassess conventional farming systems.ver the last 12 years Andrew has specialised in Biological and Organic Agronomy. He is a valued educator and consultant, working nationwide on soil carbon building systems and soil health restoration, to improve the levels of plant nutrient density in our fruit and vegetable crops.




Zoë McLennan is a licensed Homeopath with 15 years of practical experience. As her clinical knowledge developed, so did her understanding of how food and environment play a pivotal role in human health; not in the conventionally understood measure, but as how it determines your frequency. This has allowed her to develop her role as a

 Vibrational Health Practitioner, helping people improve their health

and well being. Combining her love of cooking and growing high vibrational produce, Zoë is a passionate advocate for eating for vitality.



Plants require minerals to be in a soluble form for them to be taken up from the soil solution. The water becomes the transportation system for the minerals, delivering them into the plant. Leaf analysis is the ideal way to test that the plant is receiving the right food at the right time.


Plant leaf analysis is an affordable diagnostic tool that every grower should utilise in managing the performance and health of their kitchen garden. It offers an insight into how your plant is performing nutritionally and as a great diagnostic intervention tool to use throughout the growing season. 


By conducting a number of leaf tests prior to key growth stages, ensures that your plants have complete nutrition, also allowing you to detect deficiencies or toxicities early; therefore, enabling you to tailor your liquid inputs to meet the ever changing nutritional demands of your plants. 

Plant Leaf Analysis takes the guesswork out of growing!


No, soil is the plants gut and needs to be treated with care. It needs to be in balance with a full suite of minerals to promote good plant health and sustain biological productivity. Soil health and fertility is the condition of the soil in relation to it's potential.

Feed your soil well and it will feed you well!

Having insight into your soil is fundamental in managing your soils full potential. If you use soil to feed your family, soil testing and its accurate interpretation should be a routine part of your management.